Naked Voting

Nudists in Florida want the right to vote naked.  Sounds like a great idea to increase voter turnout in the state, especially in college towns!  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen this year:

The Pasco County, Fla., supervisor of elections didn’t exactly say no to the request. What he said was that he did not want to create any new precincts before redistricting in 2010.

He could if he wanted to, but he has to do it after the 2010 census to reflect population changes, especially if the Legislature redraws legislative and congressional boundaries. And that is almost guaranteed.

And whether he intends it or not, this will give any prudes in the Legislature at least two years to decide if they want to ban clothing-optional voting.

Naked or not, if you are a U.S. citizen then you have a very important duty to accomplish today. Get out there and


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