China cracks down on nudists

China’s tropical island of Hainan, a popular vacation destination for the country, has decided to crack down on nudists. The island’s Communist party boss denounced nudism as “uncivilised” and threatened nude beachgoers with “education through detention”, according to the BBC.

One user bemoaned the fact most of the nudists were middle-aged men: “Bring on young, handsome ones!”

Or better yet, young pretty women. Maybe then the local Chinese government officials would reconsider their official stance on the issue.

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Nudist Hiking Trail in Germany

Nude hiking has become a bit of a trend in the alpine regions of Switzerland and Germany.  Thanks to the efforts of Heinz Ludwig, who owns a campsite and restaurant in a small German village near the Harz mountains, Germany will soon have it’s first officially designated nudist hiking trail.  The planned route will meander 18 kilometers (11 miles) through beautiful mountain scenery in central Germany.
“Naked hiking in the fresh and healthy air, when the weather is good, is an experience that many people just don’t want to miss out on”, says Kurt Fischer, president of the German Society of Nudists. 
Click here for more details.
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Naked Aggression

Nude Beach WarWar has broken out between German nude sunbathers and Polish gawkers!  A nudist beach on the Baltic Sea near the Polish-German border is the battleground for this naked aggression.  Naked Germans are peeved that fully-clothed Poles routinely invade their beach to admire the ‘scenery’ – or condemn the hedonistic sinners – or both, depending on their point of view.

“You feel like an ape in the zoo. The Poles come with their binoculars, stare and swear at us.” , a German naturist reported to the British tabloid “The Sun”.

One Polish beachgoer said “It’s horrible, we would never bathe naked, we are Catholic.”  So why do they cross the border onto the nude beach then, if they think it’s so horrible?  Ahh, the sanctimonious hypocrisy of religion knows no limits.

Read more at The Scanner

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Naked Voting

Nudists in Florida want the right to vote naked.  Sounds like a great idea to increase voter turnout in the state, especially in college towns!  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen this year:

The Pasco County, Fla., supervisor of elections didn’t exactly say no to the request. What he said was that he did not want to create any new precincts before redistricting in 2010.

He could if he wanted to, but he has to do it after the 2010 census to reflect population changes, especially if the Legislature redraws legislative and congressional boundaries. And that is almost guaranteed.

And whether he intends it or not, this will give any prudes in the Legislature at least two years to decide if they want to ban clothing-optional voting.

Naked or not, if you are a U.S. citizen then you have a very important duty to accomplish today. Get out there and


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National Go Topless Day 2008

Saturday, August 23, is National Go Topless Day, an event put together by the women behind, as a nationwide protest honoring the Constitutional right to bare breasts. Women should have rights equal to men, and if men can bare their breasts in public, women should be able to as well!

Also check out this post on for a convenient summary of the day’s events in the city nearest you.

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Topless Soccer Match: Austria vs Germany

naked-soccer-girls soccer-girls-topless

Now you know why soccer is called “the beautiful game”.  Austria’s topless women’s soccer team beat Germany 10-5 on Sunday:

The traditional swapping of shirts afterwards was not an option as the six-a-side teams wore nothing but thongs, with the national colors painted on to their bare skin.  The football may not have been of the highest quality but that did not temper the enthusiasm of a mostly male crowd

Read the full story about this titillating game, along with many more photos – click here.

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